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  • 2nd annual school fair reaches out to MAFB families

    When asked why they joined the U.S. Air Force, a common answer among Airmen is "to travel." While many Airmen are fortunate - or less fortunate - to receive orders to a new assignment; uprooting a family and moving to a different district, state or country can sometimes be a stressful experience. To help make the transition for Airmen, their
  • Mighty Ninety welcomes rabbi to base

    In a rarity of sorts, the 90th Missile Wing recently welcomed a new wing chaplain to its ranks.Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Josh Narrowe joined the base's chaplain corps and became the wing chaplain toward the end of July. While every wing across the Air Force has a chaplain, very few wings are graced with a non-Christian chaplain. Narrowe is one of six
  • HAWC dietitian walks the walk

    It's 5 a.m. as the sun slowly creeps its way above the horizon. There's a calmness in the air as one side of the world slowly becomes alive again.Her feet lightly hit the pavement in a syncopated motion, step after step. Unlike many who are still sound asleep, she's wide awake. For eight miles, every day, in rain or shine, Jacqueline Maillet, 341st
  • Goal! A follower of dreams

    In childhood dreams the sky is the limit, but how often does it become a reality? Particularly when those around are doubtful of your chances of success?For 19-year old John Wrona, son of Leonard Wrona, 91st Maintenance Operations Squadron maintenance instructor, signing with the Ohio-based Zanesville Athletic Soccer Club became the initiation of a
  • Celebrating 'behind-the-scenes' medical workers

    During some point of every year, Airmen on Malmstrom Air Force Base pay a visit to the clinic on base. Whether they're getting a scheduled vaccination, blood drawn or even seeing a physician for a common cold, there are many people they're likely to run into. But the people they're interacting with have an army of 'behind-the-scenes' workers that
  • Missileer races toward his Olympic dreams

    In 8th grade, he won the 1,600-meter race during a regional track championship. As a freshman in high school, he was a 4x800 relay member on his school's track team in Huntington Beach, Calif.But it wasn't until his junior year of college when he ran his first marathon - the Air Force Half Marathon - that he found his niche. Fast forward to today,
  • HEAT prepares Airmen for rollovers

    Four security forces members strap on their seatbelts and brace for a rollover."Egress, Egress, Egress," yelled 1st Lt. Autumne Wells, 341st Security Forces Group executive officer.The Airmen then crawl out of the simulated machine and perform 360-degree security. Malmstrom Air Force Base recently became the new temporary home of a Humvee Egress
  • 'Keys' link spouses with peers, information

    For many spouses, the responsibility of being a military spouse may sometimes feel overwhelming.To help bridge the informational and personal gaps between the Air Force and its spouses, many commanders have constructed a Key Spouse Program within their units. "Key Spouses or 'Keys' are like civilian first sergeants," said Master Sgt. Ben Aylward,
  • Black ice: The near-invisible roadway killer

    Black Ice - it's not the name of the latest rap group. What it really is, is an age-old winter phenomenon that has sent many drivers skidding and sliding down what looked like a dry road. Black ice can appear to be a spot of moisture on a road, or may have a slight glisten on black asphalt. Do not be mistaken; this thin ice is very slick, and can
  • 50 years of 'I do'

    Most Fridays bring soft mutters of 'Thank goodness it's Friday' or plans for the weekend, but for one couple, this past Friday brought tears of joy and memories of the past as they held hands together and celebrated 50 years of a happy and healthy marriage.Jacque and Dennis Ellingson relived the day they were married at the very place they said 'I