Kirtland Airmen train/participate in the Global Strike Challenge

  • Published
  • By SSgt Enrique Barcelo
  • 377 ABW

The 898 Munitions Squadron and the 377 Security Forces Squadron have been training for the Global Strike Challenge, a yearly competition that includes all the bases that fall under Global Strike Command.

While the 898 MUNS completed their portion of the competition at Kirtland, Airmen from the 377th SFS competed in a five-day competition at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming, where they faced many obstacles such as a map and compass land navigation course, warrior ruck challenge, tactical response competition and a shooting competition.

“I’d say my favorite part of the competition was definitely the comradery” said Technical Sergeant Deon Cooper, Security Forces Enlisted Team Lead. “We were pushed to the limit each day and we had to rely one another to not give up. This has, hands down, been the most mentally and physically challenging thing I have done in a long time.”

Performing the various tasks for this competition also helps security forces members enhance their skillsets.

“We look forward to winning” said First Lieutenant Ryan Hughes, Security Forces Team Captain. “We enjoyed going to Guernsey to practice our tactics and bring back what we learned.”

The Global Strike Challenge competition showcases AFGSC values: individual responsibility for mission success; critical self-assessment of our performance; uncompromising adherence to all directives; superior technical and weapons system expertise; persistent innovation at all levels; pride in our nuclear heritage and mission; respect for the worth and dignity of every Airman; and safety in all things large and small.

“Strikers are in a business that no one else can do. Strikers know the score; and the score is that there are no allied bombers out there. There are no allied Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.” Said General Tim Ray, Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command “What we do every day as a Striker is the foundation of the security structure of the free world. This fact is viewed in the eyes of our adversaries and it's viewed in the eyes of our allies. In a very important way, there's a lot riding on our Airmen, and we have to get it right every day.”