SFG will wear new uniforms beginning May 1

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Laura Lupo
  • 377th Security Forces Group

Beginning May 1, the 377th Security Forces Group at Kirtland Air Force Base will be switching all of its personnel to the Operational Camouflage Pattern uniforms.

Security Forces personnel will be wearing the new uniform throughout the installation. Kirtland personnel will see the new uniforms on Airmen from the group working the gates, performing law enforcement duties, providing pass and identification services, conducting training, providing security for KUMMSC and other duties.

Senior Airman Maria Guerrero, a supply technician in the 377th SFG who is leading the change, said that 815 Airmen at Kirtland will get the new uniform. She’s said it’s been a lot of work getting ready for the change, but it’s been worth it as members of the group are eager to don the new uniforms.

“The Airmen are definitely excited about it,” she said. “It’s going to improve morale and increase operational readiness. It’s a positive change.”

Leaders said this change has been a long time coming, as Defenders at other Air Force Global Strike Command bases such as F.E. Warren, Minot and Malmstrom have already been wearing the OCPs for several years. A more recent push from AFGSC has prompted the rest of AFGSC’s Security Forces units to make the switch.

AFGSC leadership has made the decision to specifically equip Security Forces in the new uniforms due to the unique task facing Defenders performing the nuclear security mission. The improved pattern provides optimal camouflage that will enable Defenders to get better concealment in the field and improve readiness in the case of hostile situations.