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  • Duality of being an Airman

    Duality of Airmanship is really about putting an emphasis on the idea that Profession of Arms (Airmanship) is equal in importance to an Air Force Specialty Code. In other words, Profession of Arms = AFSC. The development of each must be at least parallel, versus the AFSC being the primary emphasis,

  • The Golden Contributions to the Mission

    The views expressed in this commentary are the author’s personal opinions and not a reflection or an endorsement by the United States Air Force. The sentiment “OG is the mission” is often heard in many Air Force Specialty Codes. The operations group, whether at a flying or missile wing, is

  • Raising the future generation of allies

    Earlier this month, as I participated virtually in the Women’s Air and Space Power Symposium, I experienced a multitude of thoughts and emotions.I laughed.I cried.I learned.I was inspired to dream bigger, reach higher and do more to help make the future for our service and all Airmen, men and women,

  • Thank you to the Airmen of the ICBM mission

    A letter to the Airmen of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile profession. On behalf of the nearly 4,000 members, past and present, of the Association of Air Force Missileers, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your tireless work operating, maintaining, securing, sustaining, and modernizing

  • Realities and costs of missile field rollovers

       Whether or not you’ve thought about it from this perspective, driving a vehicle from point A to point B is one of the most important things that a team member of the Twentieth Air Force ICBM community does every day.  That could be from the base to a Missile Alert Facility (MAF) or a Launch