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  • The Golden Contributions to the Mission

    The views expressed in this commentary are the author’s personal opinions and not a reflection or an endorsement by the United States Air Force. The sentiment “OG is the mission” is often heard in many Air Force Specialty Codes. The operations group, whether at a flying or missile wing, is stereotypically seen as THE mission that matters most. All
  • Raising the future generation of allies

    Earlier this month, as I participated virtually in the Women’s Air and Space Power Symposium, I experienced a multitude of thoughts and emotions.I laughed.I cried.I learned.I was inspired to dream bigger, reach higher and do more to help make the future for our service and all Airmen, men and women, better.The sessions, sponsored by the DAF Office
  • Thank you to the Airmen of the ICBM mission

    A letter to the Airmen of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile profession. On behalf of the nearly 4,000 members, past and present, of the Association of Air Force Missileers, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your tireless work operating, maintaining, securing, sustaining, and modernizing this critical national capability. Your sustained professionalism is essential to the safety and security of our nation and those of our allies we protect under our umbrella of strategic deterrence.
  • Realities and costs of missile field rollovers

       Whether or not you’ve thought about it from this perspective, driving a vehicle from point A to point B is one of the most important things that a team member of the Twentieth Air Force ICBM community does every day.  That could be from the base to a Missile Alert Facility (MAF) or a Launch Facility (LF), or as simple as driving to base from
  • Preventing suicide - starting with myself

        There is rarely a day that passes when I do not think of ending my own life.     Some days, my depression is an overwhelming weight to bear and it takes nearly everything I have just to push the thoughts away and get on with my routine.     Other days, and even on good ones, the thought creeps up out of nowhere – an insidious sense of doubt.
  • Moving Forward: 20th AF/CC outlines professional development initiatives

    Today, more than 11,000 “Sentinels” currently serving in 20th Air Force are following in the footsteps of our first commanders - Generals Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, Curtis E. LeMay and Nathan F. Twining - founding fathers of the United States Air Force and global strike innovators. For more than 55 years, the men and women who served in the ICBM
  • Are we doing enough?

    He's dead now. My friend Henry was such a comedian. He did the goofiest things to make you laugh, and his antics always succeeded. Although he was funny, he was also sensitive and at times took things to heart. He strived to be number one and pushed himself to be the best he could. I know this as a friend and as an employer, because when I first
  • Commentary: A Proud Heritage

    We hear it over and over from our leadership as it's reiterated at each commander's call. It feels like a mandatory tag line at the end of every speech. It's the topic that the chief will inevitably have to 'piggyback' off of.What am I talking about? We all know the phrase, "Airmen, know your Air Force heritage..." Even our Airman's Creed states
  • Paths of two Air Force women ‘firsts’ crossed over Great Falls

    An Army newspaper from Aug. 25, 1944, shows Pfc. Emma Jane Burrows Windham wearing a leather flying jacket, fire extinguisher in hand, and grinning near a B-17 bomber. "Windy," according to the article, earned her air crew status in June while with the 7th Ferrying Group at Gore Field in Great Falls, Montana. Windham is today considered the first
  • Why traffic stops during reveille and retreat

    As the drum roll of the national anthem began on base, my guests were puzzled when I stopped our conversation mid-sentence, turned toward the music and placed my right hand over my heart. We were outdoors. Nearby, traffic on Goddard Drive lurched to a halt.After the last note faded, I explained that this event occurs every day at 4:30 p.m. as the