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  • Treaty compliance office ensures inspection readiness

    Rex Ellis has been involved with Treaty Compliance for 26 years. His role and the responsibilities of his office are a crucial aspect of the nuclear deterrence mission.
  • ‘Defender Avenger,’ the ‘Fearless’ and Global Strike’s tests of August

    On Aug. 2, 2017, Air Force Global Strike Command conducted a test launch of an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile at Vandenberg Air Force Base, just off of California’s central coast. Although the test was planned more than three years in advance, the public forum was abuzz, with many calling the launch a response to Pyongyang’s aggressive rhetoric. Twenty days later, a B-2 Spirit — America’s only stealth bomber — dropped an unarmed B61 nuclear gravity bomb on a small target in the Nevada desert. Hardly anyone noticed.
  • Security forces defend Airmen, nuclear assets

    Spread out over 13,800 square-miles in northcentral Montana lie 15 missile alert facilities, structures that house missileers, chefs, facility managers and security forces Airmen who operate, secure and defend 150 of the nation’s intercontinental ballistic missiles. Airman 1st Class Dillan Caceres, 341st Missile Security Forces Squadron response
  • Shooting for firearm safety

    It is important as a firearm owner to be responsible and safe in the storage, transportation, and use of personally owned firearms.There are many variables that affect the safety needs of gun owners such as lifestyle, environment, legal requirements, financial limitations and personal preference, however, Senior Airman Tyler Merrill, 341st Security
  • Equal opportunity for all

    Those who serve in the military come from a wide range of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. The military relies on this diversity to bring new processes and ideas to the fight in order to enhance mission capabilities and efficiency.The focus on abilities rather than background is also designed to create a culture where recruitment,
  • Recognizing the efforts of a civil servant

    Public Service Recognition week is celebrated the first week of May to honor those serving our country in a federal, state, county and local government capacity.One former Airmen who dedicated 29 years to the Air Force before retiring as a chief, continues to show sincere interest and care in his people as a civil servant. “I want to see them
  • Missile Maintainers graduate new FTD course

    The first batch of 90th Missile Maintenance Group maintainers from the facility maintenance section and electrical mechanical section recently graduated the newly created course at the Field Training Detachment here on April 22 and 28, 2017.   The training that is conducted on base by the 373rd Training Squadron, detachment 21, prepares the 90th
  • Airman fosters resiliency on the mat

    No matter what course a person chooses in life, there will always be obstacles to overcome. One particular F.E. Warren Air Force Base senior NCO joined the Air Force wrestling team eight years ago. He was in his late 20s, older than most wrestlers, and continued to work hard with limited resources.   Severin qualified at the Armed Forces Wrestling
  • Food service workers make kids priority

    Month of the Military Child is celebrated every year in April, but oftentimes we fail to realize what food service workers provide behind the scenes for children.“We play an important role in the lives of the kids at the Child Development Center and the Youth Center,” said Yasmine Redmond, 341st Force Support Squadron food service worker. Judith
  • Final Salute: 20th AF bids farewell to Ms. Barb

    April 3, 2017, will be the first time since 1983 F.E. Warren Air Force Base will be without Barbara J. Lutz, affectionately known as “Ms. Barb.” Lutz, 20th Air Force executive assistant to the commander, will retire Mar. 31, after 43 years of distinguished federal civil service.Many have shared that her absence will be poignantly felt throughout