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  • Configuring the next generation of ICBM weapons officers

    In advance of changes to the intercontinental ballistic missile enterprise – notably with the replacement of Minuteman III with the new Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, Sentinel – 20th Air Force hosted a two-day conference at F. E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, to resolve how the 315th Weapons Squadron –

  • Med group Airman goes above and beyond

    Staff Sgt. James Steven Bryant recently went through a number of significant life events, including saving a veteran's life and being chosen for a prestigious medical program.

  • Building the Air Force we want

    Maj. Kim Rigby's experience as part of the Department of the Air Force Barrier Analysis Working Group Women’s Initiatives Team.

  • Security forces defend Airmen, nuclear assets

    Spread out over 13,800 square-miles in northcentral Montana lie 15 missile alert facilities, structures that house missileers, chefs, facility managers and security forces Airmen who operate, secure and defend 150 of the nation’s intercontinental ballistic missiles. Airman 1st Class Dillan Caceres,

  • Shooting for firearm safety

    It is important as a firearm owner to be responsible and safe in the storage, transportation, and use of personally owned firearms.There are many variables that affect the safety needs of gun owners such as lifestyle, environment, legal requirements, financial limitations and personal preference,