54th Helicopter Squadron

The 54th Helicopter Squadron provides helicopter security response for the 91st Missile Wing located at Minot Air Force Base. The squadron supports emergency war order taskings, by transporting tactical response force teams in support of launch facility denial and recapture and convoy operations. The squadron also conducts priority passenger and cargo airlift, as well as executes search and rescue and medical evacuation operations in support of JCS National SAR and Response Plans for federal, state and local agencies.

54th HS helicopters typically fly from ground level to 2,000 feet above ground level. Operations may require flight up to 15,000 feet above mean sea level.


Contact Information:

Minot Public Affairs Office: 701-723-6212 (DSN: 453-6212), v35BW.PA@us.af.mil

Local Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control tower:
Minot International (MOT): 701-852-2346


54th Helicopter Squadron Area of Operations