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  • Air Force Men's Softball Team hopeful

    Baseball, a classic American sport, has thrilled and inspired the nation's youth for decades.  For Staff Sgt. Jimmy Fulcher, 341st Security Forces Group evaluator, his childhood dream might come true this year, as he competes for a spot on the Air Force Men's Softball Team."I have never done

  • Fit to fight

    Standing on a stage in front of hundreds of spectators can be nerve racking. Being judged solely on how one's body looks compared to other bodybuilding compeetetors can be even worse. However, people like Senior Airman Miguel Amador, 5th Medical Group medical information service technician, train

  • 90 @ Nite: Missileers

    Editor's note: This article is part of a weeklong series showcasing the Airmen who work night shifts.The 90th Operations Group controls 150 Minuteman III ICBMs, protecting America through nuclear deterrence. The missileers of the group's 319th, 320th, and the 321st Missile Squadrons ensure that

  • Mighty Ninety Airmen save lives

    On June 16, Airmen from the 90th Operations Group were taking a break from training, soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm gulf waters of Fort Walton Beach on the Florida panhandle."I'd been at this northern tier base for four years, so I was excited for the sun and the warm water," said Capt.

  • Going the distance

    Chief Master Sgt. Geoff Weimer, 5th Bomb Wing command chief, ran 52 miles on the McAdoo Sports and Fitness Center outdoor track to support the Air Force Enlisted Village and Chief Master Sergeant. Scholarship Fund at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, July 24, 2015.Weimer was able to raise

  • Air Force Cross recipient relays lessons learned

    Air Force Cross recipient, retired Master Sgt. Tim Wilkinson, recently spoke to Airmen on base about the events that led him to receive the medal and how lessons learned on the battlefield apply to the Air Force mission on the homefront.The former pararescueman and current Joint Special Operations

  • German achieves dream through U.S. Air Force service

    Every Airman has a unique story that led them to where they are now. Capt. Sandra Mueller, Task Force 214 chief of combat assessments and readiness is no different."I'm fascinated by the various paths people travel that leads them to become Airmen in our Air Force," said Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein,

  • High in the saddle: Airman's upbringing boosts her career

    On the surface, it might seem the worlds of turning wrenches and turning sharply on horseback during a barrel race have nothing to do with one another. As Airman 1st Class Alexis Visser's story will attest, these worlds have more in common than getting one's hands dirty.Visser, 90th Munitions

  • Fostering the future for Task Force 214

    Twentieth Air Force and Task Force 214 tend to be mentioned together, as in many ways they are two sides of the same coin. However, there are distinctions. To ensure both missions are accomplished to the level of excellence expected from the U.S. military, there needs to be qualified and motivated

  • MAF life: Defending the nation's ICBM force

    Before the sun has had a chance to peek up above the horizon, a two-person team opens the front door and steps out of a missile alert facility into the chilly blackness. Their flashlights click on and they set off on a perimeter check. With one on the outside of the fence surrounding the MAF and the