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  • An unsinkable team

    The security response team came in early for a shift change on the night of June 28, 2014, said Staff Sgt. Deshaina Dawson, 91st Missile Security Forces Squadron flight security controller. The rain had been falling for a couple days and water was already pooling around the launch facility. After reviewing the cameras and assessing the situation,
  • LRS maintenance shop keeps base vehicles purring

    When entering the 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance shop, one may notice the buzz of pneumatic impact wrenches, the faint shadow of an Airman through mist while he pressure washes a mud-covered Humvee, or the all-to-familiar auto shop smell of oil and gas.With nearly 600 vehicles in the wing fleet there isn't a day where these
  • Guidance for political activities

    It's an election year, which brings many opportunities to participate in the political process, as well as many pitfalls. Because of active duty status or employment as a Department of Defense civilian employee, there are limitations when it comes to participating in political activities. All are encouraged to exercise their voting rights by
  • Skid trainers enhance driver safety

    Three highly-specialized vehicle safety training systems are now operational at Air Force Global Strike Command.Known as skid trainers, these systems are designed to teach drivers how to handle a wide variety of vehicles. One of the most recognizable vehicles operated by Airmen today is the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or HMMWV,
  • Missileer gets rare opportunity to learn from Navy

    Air Force Global Strike Command has recently announced a new avenue for nuclear and missile operations officers for professional development. The new Striker Trident Program is a joint Air Force - Navy program designed to support professional development of company grade officers who are trained and qualified in similar nuclear deterrence
  • Critical Days of Summer week 10: Driving preparedness

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal car accidents peak in the summer months of July and August. During these months, there is a higher volume of road travel due to greater numbers of inexperienced teenage drivers, vacationing families venturing out on often unfamiliar routes and motorcyclists cruising the roads.
  • Thunderbirds rip through Wyoming skies

    The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are an aerial demonstration squadron that performs precision aerial maneuvers that demonstrate the capabilities of the Air Force's high performance aircrafts to people throughout the world.. The three main objectives of the Thunderbirds mission are recruitment of new Airmen, providing a positive representation of the
  • Malmstrom's Comm Squadron helps Airmen stay connected

    Most people don't really think of the systems that allow them to stay connected. These devices may always be in sight and in mind, but what about the infrastructure these tools are built on? Everything from phones to computers have an intricate system of hardware and software that allows people to contact one another at a moment's notice. For
  • HPS: The unseen killer

    The summer weather welcomes everyone back outside and the annual tradition of cleaning begins. Dusty garages are getting swept, the camping equipment that has been sitting in the corner is dusted off and everyone is looking forward to upcoming summer adventures. But what no one plans for is the less than adventuresome trip to the hospital as a
  • Missileer duty offers immediate, long-term dividends

    Missileer duty offers rewards right away that continue to enrich an officer's career even after he or she leaves the career field, according to Academy Class of '86 and '10 graduates.Col. Stella Renner, the Academy's vice commandant for culture and climate and an '86 graduate, said she picked up lessons in teamwork and taking responsibility during