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  • HPS: The unseen killer

    The summer weather welcomes everyone back outside and the annual tradition of cleaning begins. Dusty garages are getting swept, the camping equipment that has been sitting in the corner is dusted off and everyone is looking forward to upcoming summer adventures. But what no one plans for is the less

  • Missileer duty offers immediate, long-term dividends

    Missileer duty offers rewards right away that continue to enrich an officer's career even after he or she leaves the career field, according to Academy Class of '86 and '10 graduates.Col. Stella Renner, the Academy's vice commandant for culture and climate and an '86 graduate, said she picked up

  • Protein supplements in the Air Force

    We've all seen them: Airmen dripping with sweat as they lift weights in the Malmstrom Air Force Base Fitness Center at 5 a.m., day after day. Simultaneously to this habitual practice, many of these dedicated Airmen can be seen shaking a bottle immediately post workout. Whether to lean out, gain

  • AFGSC to kick off Striker Trident professional development program

    Nuclear and Missile Operations officers within Air Force Global Strike Command have a new avenue of professional development available through the Command's new Striker Trident program.Striker Trident is an Air Force - Navy exchange program that supports professional development of company grade

  • Diversity makes us stronger

    The month of June provides the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to this country. LGBT Pride Month is a time where proponents celebrate progress and take action to further increase equality, but its origins derive

  • Transferring Schools this PCS season? You need to know about MIC3

    What are the Issues?Military families encounter school challenges for their children for enrollment, eligibility, placement and graduation due to frequent relocations in service to our country.What is the Compact?The Compact provides for the uniform treatment of military children transferring

  • Childhood loss guides one to become AF physician

    Every week at the Malmstrom Air Force Base Clinic, more than 100 Airmen, dependents or retirees apprehensively - or assuredly - make their way to a doctor's appointment in the Family Health Clinic. Although some are receiving annual exams for preventative care, for others, they hope a medical

  • Malmstrom missile maintainers successfully install reentry system

    Missile maintainers from the 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron successfully removed and installed a new reentry system at an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launch facility here. Staff Sgt. Damarr Jones, 341st MMXS missile maintenance team chief, led a five-person missile maintenance team that