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  • Finding balance in the northern tier

    I'm extremely blessed and fortunate to have been given the opportunity to lead the best team this side of anywhere - the Red Dawgs of the 12th Missile Squadron. I may be a bit biased, but I truly believe it. The 12th MS is just one of the many squadrons that make up our proud missile wing. Our mission may not be glamorous, but it is a vital
  • We can’t all be Washingtons

    Growing up, I never considered myself a patriot. Patriots were people who I placed on a pedestal so high I would never reach them. When I thought of patriots, the images that came to mind are probably a lot of the same ones you have: our founding fathers, the men and women who fought on the front lines in the great conflicts of their time and who
  • Drive out fear: Of failure, of embarrassment, of not knowing what to do

    We've all felt that sinking, gut-wrenching sensation telling us, "You don't have what it takes," or in the worst case, "I'd be better off somewhere else." Fear is a natural reaction to uncertainty, danger, and unexpected change. Fear in the duty section can shut us down, even today. I recall a day, when I was a captain, when my boss screamed at me,
  • Effective adaptability—how can you become a better leader?

    We all know people who can quickly adjust to any situation they are put in. They possess a quality we all need--effective adaptability. Author Allan Calarco of Adaptability: Responding Effectively to Change, defines this as the ability to adjust to an unexpected situation by actively seeking information and demonstrating openness and support of
  • Commentary: D-Day anniversary reminds us we uphold a legacy of peace

    In the early hours of June 6, 1944, the Allied forces of World War II launched a massive amphibious invasion of Nazi-occupied France in a desperate bid to gain a foothold in Western Europe. The largest armada ever assembled--5,000 ships and landing craft transporting 156,000 men and 50,000 vehicles--crossed the churning English Channel and began
  • Why I love being a missileer

    While I was in college I got married and had my first child. My primary focus was supporting my young family. I did a lot of different jobs including fast food, construction and working at Walmart (some at the same time during the summer). I contemplated my future employment prospects and earning potential a lot during those days. My original goal
  • Why Security Forces?

    Last February I arrived here after commissioning through the Officer Training School, and I had no idea what to expect.I had been a proud enlisted member in the medical career field for the previous 14 years, but this was going to be different. As I transitioned to the officer corps, I entered the security forces career field and was expected to
  • Challenge the Status Quo

    What do we do now? We have had teams visit our base and ask us what we would like to change about the way we do business. We are done with the working groups who developed a course of action for leadership to consider. We have completed the investigative portion of the Force Improvement Program.Now it is time to take action. We find ourselves at a
  • First-line supervisors: Be the light

    Being a first-line supervisor is an awesome responsibility. Not too long ago, I witnessed a pretty cool analogy as to what helps our junior officers and enlisted professionals "make it" as followers in today's Air Force, considering all of the force shaping initiatives underway. Of all places, this analogy came from watching a documentary on sea
  • Wishing you a very happy holiday

    Strikers,As we head into the Christmas and New Year holiday, I want to thank you for what you do for our nation's strategic deterrence and assurance mission every single day. Our mission requires long hours, long deployments and long periods of time spent away from your families. Without your efforts our nation becomes less safe and our adversaries