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  • Remember to not just celebrate but act

    In 1983, President Ronald Regan signed Public Law 98-144, creating a federal holiday honoring the birthday of Marin Luther King Jr. In addition, Congress designated the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday as a national day of service in 1994. It is observed on the third Monday of January each year, which is around the time of Martin Luther
  • The Journey Continues...

    It's wonderful to again be a part of the nation's ICBM team! Marsha and I are excited to return to the mission that has provided us so much personal and professional camaraderie and growth through the years. As I begin serving with you, I want to share a few thoughts that will help you get acquainted with me and understand my intent.I am an Airman,
  • Transformation on ICE: Strengthening the nuclear force

    More than a decade ago, 20th Air Force created the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Center of Excellence, familiarly known as the ICE.  The goal of the ICE was crystal clear:  transform the way 20th AF trains its instructors and evaluators.  We did it.  We're still doing it.Today, the ICE is providing essential, mission-focused training to
  • Providing shade

    In 2012, I had a long talk with my father about my future in the Air Force and of my challenges with stepping into the world of being a first sergeant.At the end of our conversation, he signed off with a Greek proverb, "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in."I chuckled with a bit of ignorance
  • Leadership Fundamentals

    As we reflect on last previous year and our continuously transforming Air Force, it is imperative that we remember a basic fundamental premise; leadership is about people and forging professional relationships.It is growing more and more important to connect and relate to our Airmen with open and honest communication at the forefront. If there is
  • A call to serve – mission verses job

    When I joined the Air Force as an airman basic in May of 1982, it never occurred to me that I would still be serving on active duty nearly 33 years later!  I separated from the Air Force at the end of my four year enlistment in May of 1986 and by December of that year my income had nearly tripled with the promise of upward mobility. It seemed to
  • Equipping our Airmen

    When I entered the Air Force 16 years ago, my father-in-law, who is retired Army, shared a bit of service rivalry with me. He said that it's well known the Air Force "mans equipment" while the Army "equips men."For those of us in blue, it's an insulting idea. When I look in the mirror though, I have to admit that there is some truth to it. We need
  • Suicide prevention: The Wingman

    Editors note: this is the first article in a series of stories focusing on suicide prevention.Suicide prevention is a high priority in the Department of Defense, focusing on the numerous resources available to those with suicidal thoughts. What we sometimes fail to discuss is how we can be there for others and how we can use our core values to help
  • The “short version” on leadership

    It would take a lifetime to read all the books there are on leadership. After 26 years of military service and multiple levels of professional military education, I've acquired a large stack of books on the subject. Many of these books hold valuable information that has been useful over the years. But truly all the information can be overwhelming.
  • Being good stewards in an age of consumption and waste

    Stewardship isn't a popular subject these days. Through popular media, television, Internet and the like, most of us are bombarded with daily messages to get as much as we can and spend, spend, spend on bigger houses, bigger cars, and more with no regard for how all these items gets cared for or consumed.Where does being a good steward fit into