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  • 'The Italian Stallion' hosts Fitness 101 class

    Most everyone has a fictional or real-life person who they aspire to be like or somehow emulate. When I was a young teen, that person was Rocky Balboa.I can vividly recall where, when and on what channel I caught the entire Rocky Balboa saga for the first time. Sure, Balboa and I don't have anything in common. He dropped out of high school, lived
  • Taking care of each othere -- 101 Critical Days of Summer

    TEAM:As we get ready to enter what is arguably our favorite time of year, and if not your favorite then certainly an important time for our team. I'd like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the hard work, dedication and outstanding wingmanship you have shown during my first year in command. While we haven't been perfect in
  • The importance of the military family

    Having been raised in the home of a Navy chief petty officer and dragged around the globe from Virginia to Maine to Maryland to Guam to Tennessee by the time I was seven and having been around the globe throughout my 13 year military career, I have found that no matter where in the world you may reside, having your family there to support you is
  • Camaraderie: A powerful mission multiplier

    My daughter, age 6, has had a remarkable sense of the camaraderie shared amongst Air Force members since she was 2 years old. Every time she encountered an Air Force member in uniform, she would inquire, "Is that your friend, daddy?" Naturally, I always responded in the affirmative. Her simple, yet effective, insights into unit camaraderie provide
  • Seasonable Uniforms

    Seasons change and so do our uniforms combinations. Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Appearance, and the Air Force Global Strike Command supplement make it easy to know what you can and can't wear. As I walk around base facilities, I have noticed some interesting, yet, unauthorized uniform combinations. Therefore, to keep everyone in the
  • Nuclear Surety Triad – Personnel, equipment and procedures

    "Because of political and military importance, destructive power, and the potential consequences of an accident or unauthorized act, nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons systems require special consideration, and must be protected against threats inherent in their peacetime and wartime environments," stated the Secretary of Defense about nuclear
  • Safety in Teamwork

    As the end of summer is near and football season approaches, we need to remember how to safely work together as a team in order to accomplish our mission. Working together as a team has many added benefits. Teamwork can ease stress, build morale and accomplish many more objectives than working alone. When a team works toward the accomplishment of
  • Choose Healthy Ways to Deal with Life Stressors

    "You would not believe the day I had at work, please pour me another glass of wine.""Take this prescription and it will make you feel better."A recent poll conducted by the American Psychological Association confirms the majority of Americans believe life is more stressful today than the previous five years. The Stress in America online survey,
  • Quality Feedback is essential to leadership

    Don't underestimate the power of providing good, quality feedback to our Airmen. I believe the feedback process is often taken for granted by many of us, and is one of our most undervalued tools that we carry in our leadership toolboxes. Don't get me wrong, there are supervisors in our Air Force who are doing outstanding jobs in providing quality,
  • In reverse – From the bottom to the top

    Have you ever noticed how every leadership commentary comes from the top of the chain? What about the opinions of our largest population segment in the military - our junior enlisted? Since it was my turn to write an article, I decided to take it to the troops and reverse the commentary process by publishing a leadership article written by the