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  • Proud to be back

    I would like to first and foremost thank all of those who participated and attended the 20th Air Force and Task Force 214 Change-of-Command ceremony. Especially to all the Airmen in the formation, all your hard work and dedication truly made the day special. I would also like to thank Gen. C. Robert Kehler, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, and
  • Five Airmen representing 90th Missile Wing excellence

    During Memorial Day weekend I had the chance to reflect on my first two months on the job as the Mighty Ninety command chief. I can say without reservation that this job is the best I've ever had in my 25-year career. The Airmen in the 90th Missile Wing never fail to impress me with their dedication and commitment to the mission. Whether you
  • Commitment

    Our numerous experiences in life present many conclusions as to who we are and what we are capable of, but with every new day comes a new realization. Two months ago, I confirmed a feeling I held within and decided to act on a newfound initiative that could potentially fill a void I felt inside. I knew that the decision I had made would present a
  • Ethics: Doing the right thing

    Do the right thing, or do not do the right thing? That is the question facing us each and every day, which becomes the barometer of our ethics.Sometimes in our busy daily lives, we congregate among our friends, families, peers and our leaders or subordinates, and we ask them for their opinion on a subject in the forefront of our thinking. We may
  • Sober is safer: Thinking then drinking

    "What are you doing this weekend?" this is a phrase that is often used without thinking. The question is asked to determine what you have planned. Many of our summer activities include drinking alcohol, either before, during, or after. Having a plan before heading out requires having as much information as possible about what you will be doing.
  • A Report from the Alert Force

    The intercontinental ballistic missile force, a mysterious and quiet warrior domain to many, is extraordinarily active every day of the year ensuring the security of our missile fields and nation from America's heartland - and my hat's off to the men and women within 20th Air Force for this tremendous effort. The "91st Missile Wing code change is
  • Back to School Safety

    Summer is just about over and once again it's time for kids of all ages to be heading back to school. Going back to school can be stressful for many children, especially if your child is entering school for the first time. There are a lot of expectations for children these days - school dress codes, supply lists, homework and behaving in class are
  • Year of Leadership: Fitness - Key to Mission Readiness

    Staying fit is a crucial part of our culture as military members. I learned this while I was enlisted and at first I felt it was an unnecessary part of our training. After all, I got up at 4 a.m. four times a week, put on my physical fitness uniform and did PT for an hour, or strapped on a 70-pound backpack and hiked 10 miles. It all seemed like a
  • Take Time to Feed Your Mind

    Rarely does it happen that a command chief walks through your work area without either good or bad news. Last week was no exception. Working in the basement of the Twentieth Air Force headquarters, I knew that when I saw Chief Master Sgt. David Spector, 20th AF command chief, come through my section, he had a message, and it was a good one. The