AFGSC commander visits F.E. Warren

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Nicole Reed
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

General Timothy Ray, Air Force Global Strike Command commander, interacted with Airmen here Dec. 10 to 12 during a three-day visit to F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming.

This is the first time Ray has visited the base since taking command of AFGSC in August.

Ray used the visit as an opportunity to have meals with Airmen, tour multiple squadrons on base, visit Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center and give his insights and expectations at a base all call.

During the event, Ray emphasized the importance of focusing energy on excellence, teams and people to ensure that AFGSC remains the most feared and respected professional warfighting force the world has ever seen.

The first focus area, excellence, is generated through skilled, disciplined execution of training and daily operations, and a constant drive to improve, overcome our challenges and innovate…to deliver the best you can with what you have, stated Ray during the all call.

Ray’s second focus area is teamwork; when brought together, the diverse capabilities and talents of each member in the Air Force strengthens the mission and makes the force more lethal than ever.

The third focus area is people, which Ray says is the most critical asset of the Air Force. Ray says physical fitness, job performance and readiness are just a few of the many things members should be focusing on to succeed each and every day.

Ray’s vision for AFGSC sets the bar high for F.E. Warren Airmen.

“We are that iron fist. We are, at our very core, the definition of air power, the reason we became an air and space power,” Ray said. “I pledge to make [the command] the very best and to make it as lethal as I possibly can, setting the foundation for the future.”