Driving safety with Maj. Gen. Rauch

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Abbigayle Wagner
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, has felt the effects of winter for a few months, but Dec. 21, 2018, was the official start of winter.

As the season rolls on, the temperatures fluctuate with extreme cold, snow and ice and it is important we take the proper safety measures, thus ensuring a happy and uneventful winter.

One key factor to ensure a safe winter is a driver’s ability to handle any situation on the road.

The 90th Missile Wing safety office provides training in multiple vehicles and terrain for Airmen going out into the field.

“We have Airmen tripping out to the missile complex daily, sometimes experiencing transitional weather. This means you can run into different travel conditions hour to hour, or mile to mile,” said Troy Weaver 90th Missile Wing Safety traffic safety manager. “It is not only important that all personnel tripping out to the field receive the vehicle training needed for various road conditions, it is also mandatory. Skid vehicle and gravel road training are major points of this training. Personnel are not even allowed to ride in the front seat until all mandatory vehicle training has been accomplished.”


Additionally the skid car trainer is beneficial for Airmen who have never experienced winter driving because the vehicle is equipped with a special computer and tires, allowing the trainer to simulate situations such as slipping on ice or tires locking up.

During his recent visit, Maj. Gen. John Rauch, Air Force Chief of Safety and Air Force Safety Center commander, went through the skid car trainer with the wing safety office. He was also able to speak with all the safety representatives from each unit and provide guidance on keeping the mission going forward without compromising safety procedures.

“The Air Force does not exist to bubble wrap people to stay home because there are some risks that come with every job,” said Rauch. “The key is to not just talk about safety programs. The key is to know what the risks are and to take advantage of the tools we can use to safeguard Airmen, protect resources and preserve combat capability.”

It is never too late to evaluate the risk of winter driving because there are still a few more months left in the season.

If you are an active duty Airman at F.E. Warren AFB and have concerns about driving in the winter please contact the 90th Missile Wing Safety office at 773-2430 to coordinate a driving lesson.