Football star to Airman

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Braydon Williams
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

The sun is on its way down, the stands are filling with fans, the concession stand is preparing for a rush, and the locker rooms are filled with players getting ready to take the field under the Friday night lights.

One of those players, Reginald Adams, one of the top-ranked rushers in the league, is preparing to face off against the league's other top-rated rusher in a battle to see who the best is.

The teams take the field, the whistle blows and the first kick is off.

As the game goes on Adams injures his hip. He’s out for the rest of the game. No longer able to face his rival. Devastated he can’t play, he’s overcome with inspiration by the way his team is playing. He stands and motivates them to keep pushing and take home a W.

The game comes and goes, the next week is here, and it’s time to train and practice harder than ever to overcome the hip injury.

It’s Friday again, time to get serious. Adams is still sore from the last game, but he knows he can push through.

After the game, his dad came to talk with him and lets him know he just broke the state rushing record. Adams knew that he was on the right path for the division one scholarship he’d been working towards.

Football season is coming to a close and notifications began to go out about scholarship opportunities. Adams’ call finally comes.

 “I was disappointed to hear, ‘We’re sorry but we didn’t select you for the scholarship, but we want to give you the option to walk on and try out for the team,’” said Adams. “That’s not the direction I wanted with my football career, so on to option 2.”

After getting the bad news, Adams didn’t get discouraged. He faced a brief moment of disappointment, but was quickly overcome with a sense of inspiration. In his heart, he knew the U. S. Air Force was an option for him.

“My dad, his dad, and his dad before him all serve in branches of the military,” said Adams. “And I am more than happy…I’m excited, to continue their legacy.”

Fast-forward to today, Adams is now an Airman in the United States Air Force and a fourth generation military member, and excited to be a part of his new team.

Tech. Sgt. Brett Manz, 90th Medical Operations Squadron dental operations flight NCO in charge, added he is energetic and propels teamwork within the clinic.

“Vince Lombardi once said, ‘The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual,’” said Manz. “One individual can inspire a team to work harder and foster a stronger bond by showing them how driven and optimistic they are, and that’s what Adams brings to our team.”

Additionally, the bond between a father and son only grows greater when they walk through the same footsteps.

“I’m very proud of my son,” said Tay Jones. “And I can’t wait to go to every restaurant in town with him on Veterans Day.”

Adams’ family history drove his desire to join the Air Force. Now that he serves, he knows he has live up to the legacy that helped drive his desire.

“Inspiration to push through adversity can come from many places,” said Adams, “For me it just happens to come from my family history and their sacrifices to our country.”