24/7 protection

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Heather Leveille
  • 5th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Even after many days out in the field, the 91st Missile Security Forces Squadron Airmen still have responsibilities left.

Once getting back to base, Airmen have a check list of items to complete before getting to go home to rest.

“The Airmen drop off all their personal gear to their cars, then they need to account and return all other gear to the appropriate locations,” said 1st Lt. Megan Duenas, 91st MSFS team member. “The last step is to get debriefed from their leaders.”

The process can take several hours to complete.

Duenas said each Airmen is assigned a weapon and it is the same one they use every time they trip out to the field. A card associated with every item in the armory informs them which weapon belongs to which Airmen.

“It is the Airmen’s responsibility to take care of their weapon,” said Duenas.

The accountability doesn’t end there. Airmen are issued gear they are responsible for during the 84 to 120 hours they spend out in the field.

“We invest in the equipment the Air Force gives us,” said SSgt. Christopher Swanson, 91st MSFS team member. “We take the time to carefully inspect all the gear Airmen return.”

The gear is thoroughly examined when it is returned, so it is ready for the following trip out.       

“Each vehicle is washed, inspected and stored for the next time it is needed in the field,” said Swanson. “The winters can get harsh here and washing our vehicles helps maintain them for as long as we can.”

After the process is finished and every item is checked off the list, Airmen get debriefed and go home for a full day off.

“Airman are given documents to know about personal appointment and the next training cycle before they go home to get their rest,” said Duenas.