Rough Riders: Continuing the Legacy

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Zachary Wright
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the 91st Missile Wing operates, maintains and defends 150 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch Facilities and 15 Missile Alert Facilities spanning 8,500 square miles. This commitment to one of the most important missions in the Department of Defense provides our nation with a combat-ready nuclear force that deters adversaries across the globe.

The continued success of the 91st MW is attributed to their mission priorities: Developing Airmen, executing the mission and taking care of Airmen and their families. As 91st MW Commander, Col. Christopher Menuey is tasked with adherence to these priorities and assuring the success of the 91st MW mission.

“I’ve been at all three missile wings now and hands down, this is the most amazing team I’ve had the opportunity to see and work with,” said Menuey.

Col. Menuey, who assumed command of the Missile Wing in July of 2020, has led the wing to several awards and recognitions, including the 20th Air Force’s highest combat sortie availability rate, the 2021 Best Nuclear Surety Inspection results and back-to-back Chadwell Trophy wins for the best ICBM Maintenance group.

“Today, you continue to answer our nations call and provide combat power with the Minute Man III ICBM, America’s ‘Big Stick’, providing the foundation for our national security, assuring our allies and partners, and scaring the hell out of our enemies every single day,” said Menuey to those present for the ceremony.

“I’m so proud of your commitment and hard work, ensuring that we are ready to strike 24/7, 365. Your performance over the last 2 years has been phenomenal.”

On June 6, Col. Menuey relinquished command of the Missile Wing to Col. Kenneth C. McGhee. Col. McGhee assumes the responsibility of continuing the “Rough Riders” legacy of highly disciplined Airmen and the commitment to excellence that proceeds him.

“Only the Best Come North isn’t just a sign at the front gate,” said McGhee.

“It’s a calling that summons the best defenders, maintainers, operators and support personnel that the Air Force has to offer. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.”

As the title of commander is passed on, one thing will always remain constant: the 91st Missile Wing’s commitment to their Airmen, families and nation. Because of the dedication and sacrifice of the Rough Riders, the U.S. and its allies retain a sense of security and an assurance that at all times, the 91st are on alert and ready to defend.