DAF releases 2025 budget proposal

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  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Department of the Air Force unveiled a $217.5 billion budget request March 11, designed to continue modernizing the Air Force and Space Force, maintain readiness to respond to current threats, and address key capability gaps while investing to manage risks that are increasing with time.

The $217.5 billion proposal that Congress will now consider for fiscal year 2025 includes $188.1 billion for the Air Force and $29.4 billion for the Space Force. If enacted into law, the Department’s overall budget would grow by 1.1 percent, $2.4 billion, from last fiscal year’s budget.

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall stressed the importance of adequately funding the military for competitiveness in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

"I think that 2025, while difficult, is at a level that I think we can accept, and it will still allow us to make progress on the modernization we need," Kendall said.

The FY 2025 budget was built for each service’s unique mission.

“The Air Force’s core functions remain unchanged: air superiority, global strike, rapid global mobility, command and control, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance,” said Kristyn Jones, performing the duties of the Under Secretary of the Air Force. “The Space Force’s efforts reflect the indispensable support that underpins all other joint operations and its continued transformation into a warfighting service to secure our interests in, from and to space.”

The budget request includes:

•             $14.9 billion investment to enhance competitive capabilities and maintain air domain lethality

•             $24.9 billion to ensure unmatched ability to deliver global strike around the world

•             $29.4 billion in readiness while continuing to make maximum possible investment in modernization

•             $4.7 billion to proliferate a multi-orbit missile warning architecture to counter near-peer threats

•             $538 million for Agile Combat Employment to build the right mix of capabilities to defend against current and future threats

•             $6.2 billion in commercial space launches and resilient space data network to deliver capabilities to the Joint Force in, from and to Space

•             $4.4 billion in funds for integrating satellite communications to increase space superiority by connecting and supporting our allies and partners

•             $3.4 billion in the Next Generation Air Dominance Family of Systems to augment current and future platforms in highly contested environments

Acknowledging the practicalities of economic factors, the budget proposal accommodates inflation and rising fuel costs, and for quality of life and retention of personnel:

•             $42.9 billion to improve quality of life for Airmen and Guardians including a 4.5 percent pay raise

•             $1.1 billion for bonus and retention programs for 118,000 critically skilled positions

This budget proposal represents the Department’s priorities for maintaining the nation’s security and interests. For additional information on the DAF FY 2025 budget, as well as previous DAF budgets, visit the Headquarters Air Force financial management page.