Going the distance

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Stephanie Morris
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs
Chief Master Sgt. Geoff Weimer, 5th Bomb Wing command chief, ran 52 miles on the McAdoo Sports and Fitness Center outdoor track to support the Air Force Enlisted Village and Chief Master Sergeant. Scholarship Fund at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, July 24, 2015.

Weimer was able to raise $1,733.60 for the Air Force Enlisted Village and Chief Master Sergeant Scholarship Fund, by collecting 52 cent donations from 5th Bomb Wing Airmen.

Weimer explained his desire to take on the monumental run was due to the fact that unlike some of the major annual charitable contribution campaigns, the Chief Master Sergeant Scholarship Fund and Air Force Enlisted Village do not have broad publicity and the formal structure to generate the same high levels of support. Nonetheless, the fund and the scholarship are important components of taking care of Air Force families today and in the future; his main goal was to generate support for them.

"It is one of many events that serves to remind us as Warbirds and Rough Riders, we are Bomber Airmen and Missile Airmen who provide deterrence and assurance. But, above all, we are also Air Force Airmen who support the world's greatest airpower team and families," Weimer said.

It's possible, and very motivating, for Airmen to blend their personal interests and goals with professional pursuits and the betterment of their missions and organizations, Weimer said. It can bring balance to their lives and sustains their momentum by way of physical and mental endurance when they face significant stressors and challenges.

The event incorporated the aspects of physical fitness and the mental fortitude to set and achieve challenging goals which supported a worthy contribution effort, Weimer said.

To prepare for the event, Weimer made distance adjustments to his regular running routine and factored in fatigue and physical stress.

"For this particular event, I basically stepped up the mileage from 32 miles per week to 50 to 60 and then tapered down the final two weeks with rest the final two days," Weimer said. "There's much more detail to it, but mileage and nutrition are the two top components."

However, this was not the first extended run Weimer has participated in. He has run ultra distances, many in the form of relays in the past.

He explained the relay experiences were particularly helpful in ultra training because the team aspect builds relationships while gaining experience and expertise from other avid runners.

"Running is a life-long interest and activity, so I've read and adjusted many times over the years," Weimer said.

In addition to supporting the CMSAF Scholarship Fund and Air Force Enlisted Village, Weimer also hoped to send a message to base Airmen that personal wellness, professional success and quality of life depend on a long-term approach to building strength, skills and meaningful relationships.

"My advice is to establish life-long goals based on a vision of your future self, and then plot the incremental milestones necessary to achieve the vision," Weimer said. "On a daily basis, simply plan your run and run your plan."